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Tuesday, September 08, 2015
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The story of Cory and John, and how I came to be their photographer, begins all the way back when John and I were a young, 17 years old. 

John and I had traveled to Australia and New Zealand together on a student ambassador program with other high school students from all over the state. I remember John being an immediate favorite of everyone on the trip, he was just a fun, easy going guy with an increibly big heart. 

The journey down to Australia and New Zeleand definetly created so many life long bonds. After returning home, a group of us from the trip would always get together, go to high school home comings together, have sleep overs and enjoy our lives as crazy, hooligan teenagers! 

After graduating high school, such as life, we slowly started to dispurse, trying our best to keep in touch, but not always having the time to allow for it. As life went on, many of us went through college, got married, had babies, and carried on with the regular day to day hustle and bustle.

That's where Facebook came in to play...

Oh yes, Facebook. The place where many have reconnected, and some have disconnected, but in our case, we reconnected! John and I caught up with each other's lives through social media and I couldn't have been happier to see this friend come back into my life, and with him, I would gain another friend in Cory, his new fiance! 

Long story short (some what...) They asked me to be their photographer! I remember saying to John "Who would have ever thought when we were 17 that I'd be photographing your wedding!?"

This neat little story of our history doesn't stop there. John and Cory had planned their wedding to be held on June 27th, 2015 in the Wisconsin State Capitol, followed by an evening of fun at the Overture Center. This date in it's self was special because it followed the Supreme Court ruling that same sex marriage would be legal in all 50 states. Without knowing it, when they planned to be wed on the 27th, John and Cory would not only be celebrating their love and commitment to one another, but the equality and love for everyone all around the U.S. 

I can honestly say that I adore these two and the love they share. They are, in every way, amazing people and a beautiful couple.  

Thank you for having me be in your lives, John and Cory, and a part of your very special day. Looking forward to watching your family grow and sharing many more years of friendship!


Here's to love, always winning...